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Kumpenny Solutions for users/clients

At Kumpenny Solutions, we believe that the privacy is the utmost important for everyone. Kumpenny Solutions is committed to protecting the data and privacy of its users. We at Kumpenny Solutions don't rent, sell, or share any of your personal data to anyone. And so, we have published our data protection guidelines to ensure you must be aware of why we are collecting any personal information from you. Where such information is being used in the future and what are the rights of the user ?

What details of the users do we need and how do we collect it ?

  • We receive users' personal data when they complete filling forms on Kumpenny Solutions website.

  • In order to give our services, we need to collect the following informations:

  • Personal data like the name, email ID, mobile/contact number, etc. for the services we provide through online channels.

  • While using Kumpenny Solutions's services, our servers record some information sent by your browser which may include information such as your web request, IP address, browser type and language, the date and time of your visit to our website and some cookies that can clearly identify your browser.

How do we use your information ?

Kumpenny Solutions may use your personal data :-

  • To submit your Quotation, Invoice and make online payment

  • To disclose information about you or anyone else if we are required to do so by a relevant regulator, if we have a legal duty to do so.

  • Kumpenny Solutions may check and record telephonic conversations with the users to ensure meet service standards, and to prevent and detect fraud, or for training purposes.

  • Follow users coming to the website which helps us in developing the pattern and layout of the website.

  • We may occasionally inform you about improvements to our services such as; Changes to website functionality, new services and special features and offers.

  • The information we have of yours, may be used to analyze your browsing preferences and this is solely part of our marketing programme.This helps us to produce the products, services, and promotions in a tailored way that can be beneficial to you.

  • To submit your Quotation, Invoice and make online payment

How do we protect your information ?

Kumpenny Solutions protect the user's data in the following manner :-

  • Kumpenny Solutions do not request users to give such information that is not useful for us.

  • With your help, try to keep any information we have about you up to date and accurate

  • Delete any information we have about you that is no longer relevant.

  • Protect the user’s data from unauthorized access, Kumpenny Solutions follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information users provide to us.

Receipt of Information

If you do not want to continue to be contacted by Kumpenny Solutions, please write to :

C-107, First Floor,
Sanpada Railway Station Complex,
Sanpada Station Rd, Sanpada East,
Sector 3, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400705, India.

Users may receive communications from our end for some time till the time the subdual process is being processed. Users have the right to check with Kumpenny Solutions what personal data of theirs are with us upon written request.

What is “cookies” and why do Kumpenny Solutions use this ?

Kumpenny Solutions protect the user's data in the following manner :-

  • Kumpenny Solutions may send some cookies to the users while they visit the website. A cookie is a small file containing a string of characters, which can identify the browser of the user.

  • To improve the quality of the service, Kumpenny Solutions can use these cookies to understand the interest page of the particular user. And this also helps in determining how frequently that particular page or the most popular areas of our website are visited by the users.

  • Cookies allow us to make the Kumpenny Solutions web page more user-friendly and to give users a better experience when they return to our website.

  • Your Consent

    Users give their consent to collect, process, and use their personal data while filling out any form with the details on Kumpenny Solutions website.